Exploring Romania! (Part III)

It seems that traveling is one of the biggest passion of our internationals. They’ve been to many places in Romania and abroad.  They visited also Brasov, one of the most beautiful city from Transylvania. Tâmpa Mountain and Bran Castle were two of the most interesting places to go. They’ve seen gorgeous landscapes and they’ve learnt more about Romanian’s culture and history.

10537098_10152612946136742_4812634328293398897_n 10516856_10152612947951742_5799144762652697839_n 10559752_10152615096966742_2818803370382348614_n 66081_10152615092911742_1466781028745490525_n 10523761_10152612978286742_2398168577933109209_n 10494805_10152612948056742_4293301090138064158_n 10383646_10152612948186742_8957012920454144920_n 10557282_10152592093404508_1608370565559360819_n 10525654_10152615094086742_4885442104133423272_n 10488249_10152612945696742_5376712956814827764_n

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