Rebranders 4.0

   ReBranders 4.0 it’s a project powered by AIESEC Cluj-Napoca. The goal of this project is to help faculties increase their visibility. 13 foreign students come to Cluj-Napoca and live a 6 weeks experience which develops their personal and professional skills.

The faculties involved in this project are: The College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, The Faculty of Letters, Business Faculty and The Faculty of Physics.

Before the project stars, the 13 students receive trainings on branding, design programs and PR and preparations focused on soft skills such as time management, patience, multiculturalism and team work.
Beside the professional goal of the project AIESEC creates a learning environment in which the students can live at the fullest their inner and outer journey.

The recipe is simple: – add 13 international students from: Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Italy and Slovakia;
– mix them with 5 AIESECers;
– pour some sugar, spice and everything nice;
=> the result is: a mixture of beautiful and determined people which live together for 6 weeks and have a positive impact on society.


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