All Good Things Come to an End

For 6 weeks 13 internationals came to Cluj Napoca and helped 4 faculties to achieve their short term marketing goals.

ReBranders 4.0 has ended but this is not actually the end. Why? Because we created lifetime friendships, the internationals succeeded with the marketing plans and they discovered Romania and its beauties. All 4 Deans from the faculties want to continue this partnership with AIESEC Cluj-Napoca on ReBranders project.

PS: All testimonials are posted so you can see this project also through the eyes of our internationals. (


New Page!!!

I released the new page on the blog’s menu: Testimonials. Every day you can see how  the experience for our internationals on ReBranders 4.0 was. Enjoy!

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Exploring Romania! (Part III)

It seems that traveling is one of the biggest passion of our internationals. They’ve been to many places in Romania and abroad.  They visited also Brasov, one of the most beautiful city from Transylvania. Tâmpa Mountain and Bran Castle were two of the most interesting places to go. They’ve seen gorgeous landscapes and they’ve learnt more about Romanian’s culture and history.

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Developing new skills

At The College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, the internationals have the opportunity to use the radio studio. They’ve learned how to use the lights, the tools and how to record. All of the internationals from ReBranders  4.0 can use the studio for academic purposes.

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Global Village

AIESEC Cluj Napoca organised one of the biggest Global Village in the history, where people from 25 countries presented their culture, traditions and traditional food to people from Cluj Napoca. This year, the Global Village took place at Iulius Park. A summary of this event: more than 200 attendees, 60 internationals, dances, food, prizes, Paid and Volunteering internships fair, a Game of Thrones Fireshow performed by Lamia Fantasy Fireshow. All this “madness” in one day. It was the most awesome day for all Rebranders 4.0 project, until now.

If you weren’t there, here’s what you’ve lost!


Sibiu, first trip!

Some of our internationals went to one of the most beautiful cities in Romania: Sibiu! This city is offering a lot of possibilities to spend your time. By the night everything  comes to life. They’ve visited museums, churches and a part of the country side. I’m sure this trip won’t be forgotten.


Romania, an immersive experience!

What’s the best way to connect with a country? Beside knowing about the culture, exploring the cities and visit the historical places is learning the language. So, our internationals  started to learn Romanian, the basics of Romanian language and they are soooo excited about it. Thanks to Mihaela Muntean our dear internationals can immerse with our culture and our country.

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Exploring Cluj Napoca

In almost 2 weeks in Cluj Napoca our internationals discovered that this city was their best choice for an exchange. Why? Because everything here has a story. Everything is new and interesting, everything is different. I’m so proud of my whole team from ReBranders 4.0 because they work together, they go shopping together, they are exploring Cluj and they know how to have fun.

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